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I am ready! Let's do this!

"Finally, build the coaching business you felt called to build."

We all have been there!  Passionate, skilled and ready to coach but struggling to get the clients to feel secure enough to go full time!  It's scary.  I know I was there, too.  So much information and NO answers to my questions. Called of God but feeling like most of what is being taught was compromising who God called me to be.  Is this you?  If it is...I want to partner with you! 

I am in! Let's Do This!


Scary thing is...93% of all coaches FAIL in the first 3 years! 

(This should not be and that is why I created this program!)

Most of these coaches were passionate and skilled as a coach, BUT they did not have the tools or systems to help them build a successful business...and they quit.  I want change that statistic!

The struggle is real..

Most coaches struggle having enough clients to keep their business open.  Some are just tired, worn out and stuck. They can't figure out how to scale and grow --without completely loosing their freedom? My clients tell me they felt like everyone was pulling at them but no one was really wanting to help?

That is why I created this program and opened my calendar again to take on more clients.  It is my deepest desire that more faith-based coaches succeed! 

Honestly, It's personal to me!

Take a moment & imagine...

...Getting the answers you are looking for, because you have a coach that really cares about your success.

...Having the systems in place that create a lead pipeline that generates the clients you want AND need.

...Actually getting to focus on coaching and doing what God called you to do!  

...Making the income you need to support your family and have enough to give to the ministries and organizations that mean so much to you.

...Creating the business that you can work from home and control your own schedule while changing lives for the kingdom!

...Leaving a legacy.

...Making a difference.

I will not make you any hyped-up "7 figure" promises...

because I am not in charge of that!  God is!



If God has called you to be a coach, He didn't abandon you.  He didn't leave you without the skills to succeed!  He has a plan, you are equipped, you are the one for the job and I want to help you discover the treasure that is hidden inside you...not because you need more clients...but because your clients need YOU!

I am here for your success, because I take it personally!

XO, Coach Francine


Yes! Give me the details!

Designed & Called

a personalized and totally customized 1:1 coaching program for coaches!

We will dig into 3 powerful, but simple areas that will change your coaching business!

#1 Your personal brand

This is your competitive edge -- your market dominating position.  God created you unique, with skills, passions, your own story and your own voice.  This is not the time to mimic others.  As a coach, your client will be attracted to who you are and what you stand for.  Your PERSONAL BRAND will separate you from your competition in the minds of your potential clients.

What We'll Work on: 

  • Discovering your unique branding characteristics.
  • Developing your brand story and your clients "Hero's Journey" story.
  • BONUS: You will take the popular StrengthsFinder Test and we will discuss your top 5 God-given strengths and how they relate to your personal brand.

#2 Marketing and Sales Strategy

Sales has gotten a bad reputation for a long time now, but truth be told...without sales, nothing would happen in life.  Sales transactions are happening all around us.  Take a moment to think about a marriage proposal.  It's a sale! The dating and courting was the presentation and the proposal...it's the "ask" (closing a sale). The sale process doesn't have to be sleazy or manipulative.  It can be an authentic and genuine conversation with an invite to partner with you as their coach.  

What We'll Work on: 

  • Finding your confidence and your charisma!
  • Overcoming any limiting beliefs and unpacking your "money story".
  • Creating a sales and marketing system that highlights your service, represents your heart and lines up with your values.

# 3 Lead Generation / Finding your clients

I meet so many coaches with a passion for what they do, but they are so frustrated because it feels like they can't get a break.  There are so many gurus telling them what they need to do and they are downloading everything and feel like a pinball in a pinball machine that has no jackpot!

Nothing feels right!  In this program we will discover and develop a lead generating system that is personalized to your strengths and your message.  I want to help you design something that brings you LIFE, not frustration.

What We'll Work on: 

  • Discovering your unique creative process.
  • Personalizing your client attraction system.
  • Empowering you by creating a more passive and automated lead generating system.
  • 12 Sessions of Personal 1:1 Coaching  (Valued at $3600)
  • StrenthFinders Assessment with Consult (Valued at $500)
  • VOXER Access to Coach Francine  (Valued at $600)
  • Workbooks and Modules (Valued at $240)
  • Success Plan and Roadmap (Valued at $97)
  •  90 Day Access to Kingdom Coach HQ (PRICELESS)

Total Value = $5000+

TODAY'S PRICE = $1,800

(or 6 payments of $350)

Yes! I Am Ready To Get Started!

Let's create the coaching business you know you were called to build.

This doesn't have to be hard. You are already equipped by God, called by God, passionate and ready.  Just a few simple, but intentional sessions and you will be ready to succeed.  Don't miss this opportunity!

BUT, if you are not serious about answering the call and building your coaching practice...this will not be right for you.  This is not a get rich quick scheme or an easy button. We will be leaning in, overcoming mindset, tearing down strongholds and getting to work so we can create a business you will love and thrive in!
  This is not about me...this will be all yours!

I am ready!

Let me take a moment to introduce myself...


My name is Francine Ivey. 

I am unapologetically a Christ-follower,

A faith-based life and business coach. 

I am a mom of 3.

I'm an obnoxiously positive person, and

A coffee addict & a recovering workaholic!

I have 32 years in ministry experience, 12 years as a Senior Executive in sales, performing in the top 1% of my company. I began coaching in 2018.  I have had the privilege of coaching Fortune 500 leaders all over the country in over 10 different industries.  I lead a team of coaches who are the best in their field!  I have been certified in 5 different programs and hold 6 coaching certifications. Included is the John Maxwell Leadership Team and a Master Coach in the International Christian Coaching Institute. I love what I do!

In 2021, God pivoted me to coaching faith-based coaches.  I have a deep desire in my heart and soul to see more faith-based coaches develop a strong voice in the marketplace and world.  We need this now more than ever!  If that is you, I want to talk to you!

I know every believer has a call of God on their life and I coach from that view point!

XO, Coach Francine


Because, I too, know how it feels to try to hold a God-sized dream inside of you!  I know the frustration of feeling like an imposter, undercharging people, undervaluing my gifts and struggling to find clients! I know what it's like to want to quit, to feel overwhelmed and like nothing is working. But God called me to dig through all the junk and filter though all the big empty promises. I signed up for too many online webinars and downloaded hundreds of workbooks, so I could find what worked and this is what I am sharing in this coaching program today! I created this for you! Let's talk!

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Business and My Life!

What do you have to lose?

It's the end of the page.  What are you thinking about?  Successful business owners take action.  Don't procrastinate. Let's do this! Click the button and schedule a FREE call!

I'm 100% Ready - Let's do this!