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In only 12 weeks you will be equipped and ready to start your very own Christian coaching business!

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Feeling called to make a difference in the world but not sure how? You wonder...Counseling? Mentorship? Ministry? But nothing seems quite right?

Consider becoming a Certified Kingdom Coach!

What if?

*Classes start April 6th!*


Take a look what the industry is reporting...

Coaching was reported to be 2nd fastest growing industry globally!

The estimated global revenue for coaching was 2.8 billion dollars!

15M searches are made every month for a life or business coach!

  • In this course you will learn the skills you need to coach your clients to success --getting them real results without compromising your faith.
  • As a coach you will be able to control your own schedule and work from home, while making either a part-time or full-time income.
  • You will feel the overwhelming satisfaction of knowing you played a big part in someone's life change.

Yes! It Really Is Possible!

BUT... There will only be 15 seats available for this group!
Grab your seat now and don't miss out!

YES!!! I am in!

Meet the Founder & Creator of the Kingdom Coach Certification Program.

FRANCINE IVEY is a seasoned Executive Coach with multiple certifications and over 27 years of ministry experience.

  • She has coached in multiple industries including many leaders in Fortune 500 Companies. 
  • She is a certified Life, Leadership, Sales, and Business Coach.
  • She is a Speaker, Trainer,  and Coach for the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

What do I do now?

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3 easy steps:

  • Click the button below!
  • Choose the right payment plan for you!
  • Show up ready to make friends and learn. Lean in, take notes, and get ready to change the world together!

Ask yourself...What would stop you from moving forward?  

Jesus said as he looked at our world, "The harvest is ready but the workers are few." (Mt. 9:37) Step up, my friend.  Be fearless, click the button, save your seat, and trust that God will meet you where you are!

We believe in YOU!

I am in! Let's do this!

Our Group Certification offers a unique experience for our coaches.

  • Coach Francine is your trainer.  This is NOT a bunch of online videos.  You will still get a personalized experience but...
  • You will also get Community!  You will learn together, launch together, and grow your businesses together! 
  • You all will experience exponential growth because you are learning together!  We see fast growth in these new coaches because they are learning and leaning on each other!
  • There will be 2 class times offered and your will get to choose which one best suits your schedule.  One in the evening and one in the afternoon.
  • ⭐️ BONUS:  You will have 12 months/one full year access to KINGDOM COACH HQ our Coaches-only community/membership! Here you will find all the resources, coaching, courses and materials your need to start strong!


What you will be learning...

Section 1

The Art of Coaching


Coaching is a powerful technique that, when used right, can help someone move their life forward faster than any other activity.  But it is a learned technique. Coaches don't just give advice.  They are not counselors or therapists.  They don't tell their clients what to do.  Coaches ask strategic questions to bring the best out of their clients.  The answer is in the client, we are there to help them bring it out!

Section 2

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Creating your Signature Product, and Outlining your Suite of Products


This section is a fun 3 weeks of creativity as we dig into what God has gifted and equipped you for. Discover what you love, what you have learned in life, and what you have lived through.  It is usually through those events that your signature product grows. 

Section 3

Branding and Marketing


One of the hardest but most important things we must do to prepare for coaching is figuring out who God is calling you to serve.  We have to niche that down, and hit the target, so we can then build your brand and your marketing plan with them in mind.

Section 4

Sales, Pricing, Lead Generating


Sales has been such a dirty word and misused by so many, but let's be honest, sales are happing all the time.  Even a marriage proposal is a sale?! :)

The next thing to figure out is the pricing of your coaching.  Most coaches struggle to price themselves correctly. Once we have that locked in -- it's time to find out where and how we are going to find your ideal client.

I am in! Let's do this!

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