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Kingdom Coach™ HQ is a membership of like-minded Christian coaches who desire to change the world one client at a time! 

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Statistics tell us 93% of all coaches fail in the first 3 years.

Coaches are bombarded with so much information everyday, but not enough real answers!

 How do we know what works and what will help us grow our business?  Many of us spend too much money trying to figure it out. We understand. We have been there too.
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Why did we create Kingdom Coach™ HQ?

because too many powerful coaches were quitting and honestly...I had had enough!  My passion was to empower the voice of Christian Coach and equip them with resources that line up with biblical truth. God called these coaches.  They were good coaches but they were struggling and many were quitting.

A little background:

  • Coach Francine is a Master Certified Coach and CEO of Consumed Coaching, LLC.  She has over 30 years of ministry experience and attained coaching certifications in many different coaching styles and programs including The John Maxwell Team and ICCI.

  • She has coached hundreds of clients to success, including many Fortune 500 Leaders.

  • She led her team to the top 1 % of her company and grew her 501c3 ministry to an international online presence and impact.

  • She specializes in Personal Branding, Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship. 

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What is included in the membership...1, 2, 3.

Exclusive access to Francine's personal library of trainings, tools and resources to help you build a successful and profitable business.

Have your own personal coach with weekly group coaching sessions! No coach should be without a coach! Coach Francine takes your success personally.

Community and Collaboration with other like-minded coaches. Masterminds, Creative Workshops, a "Coaches Only" Retreat and much more.

Meghan DeVito, Life Coach

Francine is such a gift! The way that she shows up for her clients is remarkable. In the short time since I have been part of Francine's community, I have been given a new confidence with my coaching business! She provides an endless amount of resources and tools that help me be supportive of my own clients! Also, she pours in endlessly to her community of coaches! I have so much support, encouragement, and insight that I never feel alone! Francine is a gem in the coaching industry!

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Stephanie Kelsey, Life Coach

Coach Francine has taken me from a thought, an idea, excitement of starting my own business to having my own clients and making money within 2 months!!!  She breaks down the actions I needed, to take in small bite sized pieces so I wasn’t overwhelmed with the end goal.  I know I would not be as far along as I am today without her wisdom, encouragement, and accountability.

Not only do I feel successful, and valued,  but I feel empowered to make a difference in the area of my calling.  

Coaches, if you need a coach, Francine will propel you forward!!!

Judy Knight, Life Coach

Francine is the definitive coach’s Coach! If you have any doubts – one or a million – take advantage of her free call! It. Will. Change. The. Trajectory. Of. Your. Life!!
Not only has she drawn from her experience and expertise to create THE most powerful and effective faith-based coaching certification, but she brings a thorough knowledge & proficiency of social media and business to the table, to build and grow your dream. My investment in Francine’s faith-based Kingdom Certification, as well as her Mentorship, tailored to my dreams, has brought immediate results in my business, direction and confidence.
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