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When I started coaching several years ago, I knew I had a passion for Christian entrepreneurs, influencers, and ministry leaders. I was certified in several coaching styles and programs but I still found myself floundering and looking for quality resources that would line up with my Christian beliefs.  I found so much junk out there and weeding through it was so time-consuming!  How could I do that AND --BUILD MY COACHING BUSINESS?!

It was impossible!  I spent the next few years creating PDFs, training workbooks, and worksheets for my clients and I was so excited because my clients were getting amazing results!!!

As I continued, I realized I wasn't the only faith-based coach struggling.  That is why I created this membership and community!  

I want to create a space where coaches could collaborate.  Where they could find quality modules, worksheets, and workbooks to help their clients. Beautifully curated content created for coaches to use and do what they do their clients to success!

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Community and Collaboration

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Stephanie Kelsey, Life Coach

Coach Francine has taken me from a thought, an idea, excitement of starting my own business to having my own clients and making money within 2 months!!!  She breaks down the actions I needed, to take in small bite sized pieces so I wasn’t overwhelmed with the end goal.  I know I would not be as far along as I am today without her wisdom, encouragement, and accountability.

Not only do I feel successful, and valued,  but I feel empowered to make a difference in the area of my calling.  

Coaches, if you need a coach, Francine will propel you forward!!!

Judy Knight, Life Coach

Francine is the definitive coach’s Coach! If you have any doubts – one or a million – take advantage of her free call! It. Will. Change. The. Trajectory. Of. Your. Life!!
Not only has she drawn from her experience and expertise to create THE most powerful and effective faith-based coaching certification, but she brings a thorough knowledge & proficiency of social media and business to the table, to build and grow your dream. My investment in Francine’s faith-based Kingdom Certification, as well as her Mentorship, tailored to my dreams, has brought immediate results in my business, direction and confidence.
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  • Free Access to  Masterclasses designed specifically for kingdom coaches. 
  • Downloadable CUSTOMIZABLE SOCIAL MEDIA TEMPLATES  for your social media platforms.
  • Special Training and Classes will be exclusively offered by expert guest contributors.
  • Collaboration and Networking with other Kingdom Influencers.
  • LIVE Monthly Masterminds and Brainstorming Sessions with Francine. 
  • Voxer Mentorship with Francine.

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