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Consumed Coaching

Consumed Coaching (founded by Francine Ivey) is a team of coaches ON MISSION!  We are Faith-based and Kingdom-minded!  We have a heart to see the faith-based entrepreneur succeed, excel and rise up!

  • We believe the church should be chasing a CALLING, not a career.  
  • We believe in GOD'S PROVISION over paychecks.
  • We believe SUCCESS is a CALLING, not a COMPROMISE!
  • We know that all believers can overcome limiting belief, rise up, succeed and enjoy the abundant life Jesus promises in John 10:10. 
  • We believe we were not created to LIVE, GROW or BUILD our businesses alone.
  • We believe GOD GIVES creative ideas to His church, if we will let Him!
  • We BELIEVE in YOU!

We want to start a movement! 

A movement to see the church rise up in business and entrepreneurship, to stand out, succeed, increase in income, all while possessing the peace, joy and fulfillment that is our promise!  We want to partner with you!

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We would love to help.  No obligation. If coaching with us makes sense GREAT but if not, no big deal.  We want to meet you. Click the button below to request a call today!

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